A Thousand Words In A Fraction Of A Second!

Photography has developed into passion for me and provided an outlet for my artistic expression. It started for me back in the 70's long before the advent of digital media. Strangely the basics have not changed. Nikon lenses from that era function fine on todays modern digital cameras and the fundamentals remain constant. What has changed over the last few years has been an explosion of technological advances that make pro grade cameras more and more affordable. The result is a much higher number of users pushing the envelope by exploiting the capabilities of todays amazing cameras. This keeps the industry strong and finacially vibrant which allows for newer and better technology to emerge. I myself love it. So for now I can be found on most weekends on a mountain top or beach drowning in a sea of digital bliss.

For anyone who is just getting started I offer the following advice drawn from my own mistakes:

If your camera supports it, shoot raw

Buy one good lens to match your style of photography instead of many cheap ones

Learn to recognize light

Stop and compose! Great images are not products of happenstance

Know your equipment

Finally! Thank you for visiting my website.

Steve Rengers