Mike Kosa(non-registered)
After viewing your sensational photos on Flickr, I was hoping to find something about your workflow in processing your stunning works. You have turned off EXIF and so I hit a deadend. Do you offer tutorials? If you don't, you should because your works are of such exceptional quality, folks would surely pay to learn the apps and the techniques you use.
I am a novice in this wonderful hobby and I have a strong desire to improve.
Best of luck to you in the future.
Martijn Burg
Just recent discoverd your work from the Nethelands and we LOVE IT! We have a real good time to look at your photo's. We've seen only a smal part of it, but we're definitely going to see them all. You really followed your hart with this. Thanks for sharing!
Robert Pellegrino(non-registered)
Hey Steve. You have managed to put together some amazing shots along with a very impressive website! Great Job and keep up the good work!
Robert P
Kate Preston(non-registered)
Steve, your work is absolutely amazing. Thank you, as you are my inspiration and your images challenge me to push further and strive to improve my work. Best Regards,
Great job on the South High Reunion pictures! The candid shots are terrific.
Earl & Barbara Brown(non-registered)
Fantastic work. Best we've ever seen. Love the night shots. Your work is award winning quality. Loved the all the different kinds and colors of mountains.
April Ritchie(non-registered)
Loving the night photos Steve! They all look fantastic, keep up the great shots!
Richard Thornton(non-registered)
I first came across your work on CKC, a web site I always expect to be among the missing soon (but not so far). It was apparent that you had mastered a beautiful technique and I enjoyed your contributions. Your site here displays the full range of your talent.
Mom-in-law and sisters(non-registered)
Just spent an awsome hour enjoying your work. Fabulous!
Ed Snowden(non-registered)
I've been taking photos since the digital explosion. I still consider myself a beginner in that I'm finally taking the time to upgrade my equipment which consist now of a Canon 6D, a couple of fairly decent lenses, and a host of cheap ones (which makes you work twice as hard in Photoshop). I'm REALLY glad I stumbled across your name on one of your photos and I will be following your work as a "student". Thanks for the awesome photos, I absolutely know how time consuming it is to make the long treks to remote places to "Get the shot" that you'll be satisfied with. If you're like me, you are your own worse critic. No doubt you have 1000's of incredible photos that didn't make the cut for your website. Your work is very inspiring to photographers like me to slow down and learn more, Thank you again.
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