Matt Riley(non-registered)
Steve, your pictures are absolutely amazing
Scott Furtak
Fantastic photos, Steve! It's been awhile since I've browsed your site. Keep up the good work!!
Sandra Essary(non-registered)
Looking for Breckenridge photos today, I ran across you today for the first time.
I am slack-jawed and gob-smacked.
You've accomplished what I dream of and make faltering attempts at - photo art using own photos.
What talent, insight, and a feel for nature you have! Wonderful!
I'm a Bakersfield resident myself. Would love to attend an opening or other public showing of your work.
PS - Do you teach locally at all? Hold seminars or workshops?
Mario Mendoza(non-registered)
I remember a time in Austin, Texas where we drank and listened to the piano man. We drank like work was not the next day, drunk in front of the boss, and we did not care. Breaking the boss to where he submit to the alcohol. Stopping in front of an obscure toy shop that was closed and through a window we saw Jesus with his glowing hands wide open, and walking drunk to the hotel like we were high school kids again. I remember that. And if you are wondering, I am doing fine.
Jack Cantrell(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing the Tahoe pictures! Sensational!!!!
Scott Furtak(non-registered)
Awesome photographs, Steve! Looking forward to your future entries.
happy birthday greetings(non-registered)
happy birthday greetings Excellent Webpage, Carry on the great work. Appreciate it.
Margo Dobbs(non-registered)
Nicholas Cardoza(non-registered)
I really love this sort of photography. It really does make me want to grab a camera and start learning and exploring how to take such wonderful shots. Really great job.
Mike Kosa(non-registered)
After viewing your sensational photos on Flickr, I was hoping to find something about your workflow in processing your stunning works. You have turned off EXIF and so I hit a deadend. Do you offer tutorials? If you don't, you should because your works are of such exceptional quality, folks would surely pay to learn the apps and the techniques you use.
I am a novice in this wonderful hobby and I have a strong desire to improve.
Best of luck to you in the future.
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